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Mudman Market


Mudman Market Ltd. was started in 2017 in Alberta, Canada with the goal of improving the standard of sales and service for both drilling fluids and laboratory testing equipment. In the years since we started, we have achieved just that and more.

Since 2001, our staff has worked in the drilling fluids industry in a range of settings, from on-land and offshore well sites to mud plants and laboratories. This experience has shown us the importance of having reliable and innovative equipment and supplies. In addition to meeting your equipment and testing supply needs, we work to bring you ongoing training and cuttting-edge equipment development as we forge a path as an industry leader. 


We pride ourselves by being the best-priced service facility in our industry with the fastest turnaround time.  We are dedicated to meeting your drilling fluids and laboratory testing needs by offering a wide-range of services and products. 

Meeting your equipment and supply needs just got easier.

  • New Equipment
  • Reconditioned Equipment
  • Testing Supplies
  • Mudman Line – COMING SOON

We are committed to setting the bar high for service in drilling fluids and laboratory testing.

  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Custom Equipment Engraving
  • Corrosion Ring Analysis
  • Third Party Flashpoint Testing
  • Laboratory Testing

We are committed to meeting your drilling fluid and laboratory testing needs

  • Mud School Facilitation
  • Equipment and Testing Procedure Videos – COMING SOON

Our industry experience has taught us how important it is to have skilled and competent drilling fluid specialists.

  • Oil-Based Testing Procedures
  • Water-Based Testing Procedures